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Will my procedure hurt? Is it normal to have sensitivity afterwards?

Your comfort is our top priority at Ocean Smiles Family Dentistry!

We do everything possible to make your experience pleasant and stress free. From amenities in our office, including televisions in treatment rooms to distract you with your favorite program, to using the best anesthetics to ensure that you don’t feel a thing during your treatment, we are always looking for ways to make you more comfortable. 

Dr. Chen is highly skilled and has advanced training in many procedures, so most patients are pleasantly surprised at how smooth their treatment goes.

Some sensitivity after certain procedures is normal. Dental crowns, large fillings, root canals, deep cleanings, and extractions may all require extra healing time, and you may feel a little tender the next day. You can use warm salt-water rinses to sooth your gums and soft tissues while over-the-counter medicine as needed should take care of the discomfort.

Dr. Chen will recommend prescription pain medication for more complex procedures such as root canal therapy or extraction, which you can take as needed after your treatment is completed.

If you experience pain, nausea, or swelling that doesn’t subside after the first day or so, please contact Dr. Chen to be reevaluated.