Tooth-Colored Restorations

Even when you are diligent about brushing your teeth twice a day, you still may need a repair or restoration for your teeth at some point. The good news is that metal fillings and crowns are a thing of the past!

We now work with tooth-colored materials like ceramic porcelain for crowns and composite resin for fillings. So when the time comes to restore your tooth, it won’t affect the appearance of your smile, and no one will ever know it is there.

The Problem with Metal Fillings

While they were the material of choice for dental fillings in the past, metal fillings do present some problems that we can now avoid by using composite resin fillings:

  • Amalgam is comprised of mercury and other metals blended to fill your tooth. While we have no specific proof that the mercury used in dental fillings is harmful, many patients don’t feel comfortable having this material in their mouths.
  • Metal expands and contracts during extreme temperature changes. The temperature in your mouth is constantly changing, which causes your filling to pull away from your tooth over time and loosen or even cause small fractures in your tooth.
  • Because metal can’t bond directly to your tooth, more tooth structure must be removed in order to make an amalgam filling successful.

The Benefits of Composite Fillings

Composite can be bonded to your tooth, which makes it more durable and preserves more of your natural tooth structure. It can also be custom shaded, so it blends seamlessly with your tooth and gives a natural complement to your smile. Gone are the days of unsightly silver fillings in your teeth!

Because it is a versatile material, composite can also be added to your tooth in order to repair issues such as chipping, fractures, discoloration, size discrepancies, gaps and spacing, and even small misalignment issues. This type of treatment is known as dental bonding, and it is a non-invasive and affordable way to repair many esthetic issues.

Other Tooth-Colored Restorations

Instead of the porcelain fused to metal that was used in the past, Dr. Chen also uses ceramic porcelain for dental crowns, bridges, and implants. Today’s crowns are esthetically appealing while also able to deliver all the function you had with your natural tooth.

If you have a tooth in need of repair, whether it requires a crown or filling, it is important not to delay your treatment so as to avoid further damage to your tooth. Tooth decay or other issues that are left untreated can often result in bigger problems down the road, including infection and tooth loss.

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